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I have been making pots since taking a class at Hinckley Pottery in Washington, D.C. Since then, pottery and ceramics has grown into a lifelong hobby and passion. I now work from a home studio in the San Francisco Bay Area, where I make and fire all of my pieces, including making my own glazes. I'm fortunate to be able to use solar power for my kiln.

I enjoy making pots that will be used every day -- for cooking, dining, gardening and decorating. I work with several clay bodies, and many of my pots leave parts of the clay body visible, either through transparent glazes, or by leaving areas unglazed. I often leave “makers marks,” such as spirals, on the piece to remind the user about the meditative process of throwing a pot on the wheel.

I love to cook and entertain, and my dinnerware is carefully designed with the cook and diner in mind and is food and dishwasher safe. For example, my small bowls are great for both food prep and for dessert, some of my mugs are designed to fit under Nespresso machines and my bowls will hold everything from cereal to noodles. Serving bowls can be used to share a meal with friends and family or simply to hold fruit on your counter. I work with a consistent palette of glazes and clays so that pieces added to a collection over time will coordinate.

My garden and plant-oriented pieces are influenced by my own garden. Ikebana vases bring outside beauty inside, succulent pots are great both inside and outside, and vases can be used as display pieces as well as for cut or foraged flowers.


Because my work is made in small-batches, I tweak designs and enhance forms over time. Whether you opt for a pasta bowl, tumbler, flower vase, or outdoor succulent pot, Glazed Over Ceramics Orinda pieces are designed to inspire connection, encourage sharing and gathering, and to ground you with their subtle texture and weight — wherever you are.

Pottery pieces in the kiln

I throw most of my pieces on the potters’ wheel. After pieces dry and excess clay is trimmed from the bottom to refine the shape, each piece goes through two firings — first a bisque and then a glaze.


These pitchers, bowls, olive oil bottles, and mugs are in the kiln, ready for bisque firing.

These dinner and serving plates have been glazed and gone through a second firing in the kiln. I'm happy to report that my kiln is fired with solar power!

Cermaic circle plates with swirl design in the kiln

I'm constantly developing and experimenting with new glazes…you can see that the color of the dry glaze is very different from what comes out of the kiln! Opening the kiln is always a surprise!

These plates, soup bowls, and pasta bowls have been glazed and are ready to go to their new homes.

glazed over ceramics orinda entree bowl

Pottery pieces are packed with care, and using as many sustainable materials as possible, to ensure they arrive at your doorstep intact and ready to use.

Glazed Over Ceramics Orinda Kate Chenok circle vase modern vase donut vase

Handmade Ceramics

Functional, unique, handmade pottery from the San Francisco Bay Area. Shop on Etsy now!


Carry Ceramics in Your Shop

Glazed Over Ceramics Orinda is available for wholesale and consignment.

Glazed Over Ceramics Orinda Kate Chenok entree bowls dinnerware
Custom Orders

Just For You

Whether for a wedding registry, upgrading your everyday dishware, or for a gift.

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